Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about The Global Business and Authors’ Awards (TGBAA)

TGBAA is a prestigious recognition program designed to celebrate outstanding achievements in the fields of business and authorship. It aims to honour individuals and businesses that have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and impact in their respective domains.

The TGBAA Awards aims to appreciate, encourage, and recognize the remarkable achievements of entrepreneurs across various industries. It celebrates the exceptional feats accomplished by business owners in their respective fields.

Winning the TGBAA comes with numerous benefits, including enhanced recognition for your business, increased credibility in the industry, access to a global network of business owners, expanded customer base, and a gateway to exciting opportunities both locally and internationally.

The range of awards to choose from include:

  • Business Coach of the Year Award
  • Speaker of the Year Award
  •            Property Consultant of the Year Award
  • Content Writer of the Year Award
  • Global Authors’ Club Awards
  • Business Consultant Award
  • Social Media Manager of the Year Award
  • Entrepreneurship Award of the Year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

To determine the most suitable award category, carefully assess your achievements, contributions, and impacts in your field. Select the category that aligns best with your accomplishments and goals. If you’re uncertain, reach out to the TGBAA organisers for guidance.

As a diasporan, emphasise your unique perspective, cultural experiences, and international influence in your entry. Showcase how your achievements have transcended borders and made a significant impact in your home country and beyond.

Craft a compelling entry by clearly articulating your achievements, innovations, and the positive impact you’ve made in your industry or community. Use concrete data, testimonials, and examples to support your claims. Be concise, passionate, and authentic in your narrative.

The TGBAA judging process involves a panel of esteemed experts and industry leaders who evaluate the entries based on predefined criteria. They assess the level of innovation, impact, and excellence demonstrated by each nominee to select the deserving award winners.

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